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Statement April 2017

Case Study 50 of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was held in Sydney in February, 2017.  It was “a public hearing to inquire into the current policies and procedures of Catholic Church authorities in Australia in relation to child-protection and child-safety standards, including responding to allegations of child sexual abuse”.

Br Timothy Graham was part of a panel of religious leaders who gave evidence at the Royal Commission hearing.  In addressing the shocking data presented by the Commission, Br Graham reflected that the figures were “heartbreaking” for himself and for all current Brothers who daily live with the shame that members of the Order have “criminally offended against vulnerable children”.

The data provided to the Commission relates to allegations of child sexual abuse covering the period 1950-2010.  Thirty-five Brothers have been the subject of such allegations.  The Order accepts that nine Brothers have been offenders, and a further four Brothers may also have offended. 

Two Brothers have been convicted of offences against children.  One left the Order in 1996.  

These are the bald facts.  Behind these facts are the boys, and their families, who were betrayed by Brothers entrusted with their care and nurture.  This betrayal is now a shameful part of the history of the Order.

To all those who have suffered so much, the St John of God Brothers offer their unreserved and absolute apology.



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