St John of GodThe Hospitaller Vocation we have received is a gift which develops within us in proportion to how we respond day by day to the invitation of God, who calls us to identify ourselves with Jesus in His love for people and especially in the service of those who suffer and those in need.

Aware that God chooses human means to show each person his or her special vocation, we feel a responsibility to co-operate with God so that those who have received the same gift as us may have the possibility of discovering it and listening to the voice of their God.

When we see so many people, who are our brothers and sisters, overwhelmed by pain and need, we realise our inability to make our help reach them all and so therefore bring into our personal and community prayer the need for others to share in this apostolate of hospitality.

Our communities are open to receive those who want to see how we live. We offer them the opportunity of sharing in some way in the actual life of our mission and experiencing the happiness of giving oneself to God in the service of one's brothers and sisters.

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